Coffee Bay - Eastern Cape



Town: Coffee Bay
Province: Eastern Cape
Latitude: 3033'34.14
Longitude: 2256'15.02

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Introduction: Coffee Bay is located near the sea. They say that Coffee Bay's name came from a ship wrecked here in 1863 depositing its cargo of coffee beans on the beach.

Coffee Bay is one of the most popular holiday resorts on the Wild Coast, with safe and beautiful swimming beaches, spectacular hikes, excellent fishing and a transient population of families on holiday, backpackers, campers, tourists and students. This is the only other coastal resort apart from Port St Johns that has a tarred road all the way, making for a pleasant rolling journey from Jojweni or Viedgesville on the N2. The countryside here is quite different to the gentle hills to the south - it is more rugged, and with glimpses of the grandeur of high cliffs. A distinctive feature is the local thatched round huts, each with a 'topknot' fashioned out of a car-tyre, coloured bottles or even an aloe plant. This gives each dwelling a rather surprised expression, but has a strictly practical purpose - it is said to prevent owls (regarded by the locals as creatures of ill-omen) from roosting on the roofs.
Must See: Hluleka Nature Reserve, Hole-in-the-Wall.
Must Do: Fishing, hiking, bird watching, dolphin and wale viewing.
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Coffee Bay

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